Leave a Gift in Your Will

“Leaving A Gift In Your Will To Help Animals”

Enabling us to provide a dignified, joyful, protected way to give life and give hope to animals who had no hope before we rescued them from a very dark future.

You would not be on this page if you did not love animals and, like us, you would end all of their suffering and hard ship if you only could, regrettably no one can achieve that, but together we can make a difference and every single animal that we help is worthwhile.

Just because the animals that we help are perhaps not in your country does not mean that what they are suffering is any less, it is a far better life to be a stray on the streets in the UK than in Sri Lanka.

It really does not matter if the animal charity that you support is local or not, it is all about the animals themselves, they are what matters, please do not let the fact we may be 100’s of miles away sway your decision from helping us.

It is because we are so far away that we get very little support and are often forgotten, but you can clearly see the plight of the strays that we help and the results of our efforts shining through on the faces of our many success stories.

We are 100% funded by kind donations, they are vital to the survival of our charity and therefore to the survival of the animal in our care, imaging what would happen if we ran out of money and could not care for the 2000 animals in the sanctuary, it is unthinkable, plus all the others that we help on the streets and will help in the future.

Our role is never ending here, we are doing our best to educate locals on the animal care and to value and appreciate them for the wonderful creatures that they are with our out- reach programs.

The world has changes so much and the “New Normal” will have a very bad effect on donations especially to animals which is why we are asking for animal lovers around the world to leave a gift in their wills to help is to help them.

Whatever you are able to give will be so very gratefully received and put to the best possible use.

A Gift in your will to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, will help to ensure that when you are no longer with us, can continue to help animals long into the future.

Making your Will is easier than you may think.

You will need to speak to a solicitor for the legal aspect, but feel free to chat with us if you want to find out more about us or have any queries.

If you are willing to make a charitable bequest to us or to adapt your existing will, you will be doing something amazing and making a difference to the world.

When you contact your legal advisor here is some wording that you may like to give them to ensure your bequest is managed correctly: (Copy the text below and print onto your instructions for the solicitor or ask us and we will email you the text.)

“I give all (or a _% share of) the residue of my estate to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, (UK Registered Charity Number 1119902) 12 Cheyne Avenue, London E18 2DR or within Sri Lanka – Animal SOS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (BOI Registered Company PV65748) Puwakwatta, Kongashena, Midigama, Ahangama, Sri Lanka) for its general charitable purposes and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or duly authorised officer shall be a valid and appropriate form of discharge.”

Suggested wording for if you are adapting your existing will via a codicil to Animal SOS Sri Lanka.

“I (name) of (address) declare this to be my first codicil to my last Will dated (date). I give (details of legacy) to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, UK Registered Charity Number 1119902 or in Sri Lanka – Animal SOS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, (BOI Registered Company PV65748) Puwakwatta, Kongashena, Midigama, Ahangama, Sri Lanka, for its general charitable purposes and I direct that the Treasurer or duly authorised officer shall be valid and appropriate form of discharge. In all other respects I confirm my Will.”

Supply them with our contact detail:

Kim Cooling  info@animalsos-sl.com

For The Love of Animals

Thank You For Your Support, we really appreciate it, without you we are lost.

You can help us even more by spreading the word to your friends or sharing on social media with the links available.