About Us

Our Mission

1. To rescue animals in dire need

2. To provide quality veterinary care & rehabilitation

3. To stabilise the stray dog & cat population through spay/neutering programs

4. To eradicate rabies, creating a healthier environment for humans and animals

5. To provide education & adoption programmes

Enabling us to provide a dignified, joyful, protected way to give life and give hope to animals who had no hope before we rescued them from a very dark future.

You would not be on this page if you did not love animals and, like us, you would end all of their suffering and hardship if you only could. Regrettably no one can achieve that, but together we can make a signifant difference in alleviating animal suffering and directly saving lives.

Just because the animals that we help are perhaps not in your country, it does not mean that what they are suffering is any less or they do not deserve to be helped.
In fact there is a huge amount of animal suffering in Sri Lanka with minimal help on the ground for these animals.

It is because we are so far away that we get very little support and are often forgotten, but you can clearly see the plight of the strays that we help and the results of our efforts shining through on the faces of our many success stories.

We are 100% funded by kind donations that are vital to the survival of our charity and therefore to the survival of the animals in our care. Just imagine what would happen if we ran out of money and could not care for the 2000 animals in the sanctuary. It is unthinkable, plus all the others that we help on the streets and will continue to help in the future.

Our role is never ending here because the suffering is endless. Every day we are taking in critically sick, injured or abused dogs and cats, but are doing our best to promote change in perceptions and treatments of domestic animals through our vital outreach programs in the local communities.
The world has changed so much and smaller charities like ours have suffered considerably due to Covid. The “New Normal” will continue to a very bad effect on donations, especially to animals, and that is why we are asking for animal lovers around the world to leave a gift in their wills to help is to continue to help them.

Whatever you are able to give will be so very gratefully received and put to the best possible use. Remember with us, all the team in the UK work as unpaid volunteers so admin costs are saved and all donations go directly to the animals and saving lives.
There is no better gift than the gift of life.

A Gift in your will to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, will help to ensure that when you are no longer with us, you can continue to help animals long into the future.

Click the image above to view all our copies of Sanctuary Tails.

Our Story

Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a UK registered charity, was founded on the vision of Kim Cooling, who after witnessing the appalling plight of animals in Sri Lanka, particularly the strays, decided to take action to help them.

After many years of self-funded rescue work which seemed like a drop in the ocean, Kim decided to form the charity Animal SOS Sri Lanka in 2007. After raising funds to purchase a plot of land and a small animal clinic in Midigama, Ahangama in the south of Sri Lanka, the charity became operational in Sri Lanka in 2009 with a few dogs and helpers.

There around 3 million street animals in Sri Lanka, many of whom suffer immensely through malnutrition, disease and horrific injuries. With a distinct lack of safe havens and veterinary care available to strays, our work and facilities are a lifeline to many otherwise doomed animals.

With a determined and dedicated group of friends and animal lovers all sharing the vision and aims of the charity, our vital mission has grown and continues to this day helping street animals in dire need.

“We nurse animals back from the brink of death every day of the week, if they won’t give up nor will we…”

Be a part of something great, do something amazing today!

'Thank you'




Our Approach...  Rescue - Treatment/Medication - Sterilization - Vaccination - Shelter Love & Protection - Release & Adopt When Appropriate